The Uzi is, and always has been, an Israeli weapon. The prototype for this weapon was finished in 1950 and soon after was adopted by the Israeli special forces (in 1954); it was placed in general issue not long after and has been used by numerous prestigious military organizations ever since. In fact, it has been exported to over 90 countries and from the 1960′s through to the 1980′s it was the bestselling sub-machine guns.

The precise number of Uzi guns sold is unknown, as it has been manufactured by four different corporations, but it is estimated that in excess of 10 million Uzi guns have been sold; it was widely used in both the Vietnam War and the Falklands War. A real Uzi will fire at a rate of 600 rounds per minute, with an effective range of 200 meters, that’s the same rate of fire as a Kalashnikov AK-47.

There are plenty of Uzi Airsoft replicas on the market, but they vary significantly in terms of quality. There are some high quality options and some low quality options.


Soft Air Uzi Mini SMG Electric Powered Airsoft Submachine Gun

Shooting on a low budget? If you are looking for a cheap Uzi Airsoft gun then your best option is this gun, available for as little as $20 plus free shipping depending on which color you choose (both black and clear guns available). This gun has been selected by me as one of the best airsoft guns under $20.

This electric gun will get through the 50 round magazine in no time at all, it is always wise to invest in a decent Airsoft speedloader when buying an automatic gun, otherwise you will spend more time loading then you will shooting! This isn’t a gun which will inflict much pain, it fires at 107 feet per second, but then if you are shopping on a low budget then you can only really expect power from a pistol! For a more powerful gun you need to consider upping your budget significantly and look at either of the two weapons featured below!


Well D93 Airsoft Full Size Uzi Style Auto Electric Pistol

Increase your budget a little and you can get a lot more gun for your money, this Well D93 full size Uzi isn’t an officially licensed Uzi replica but it, well, it is an Uzi replica! This gun fires at a more impressive 125 to 135 fps, and has a 200 capacity magazine, it also comes with some free ammunition to get you started – not bad for around $25 with free shipping from Amazon (normally retails at $49.95).

The velocity of a low cost electric gun is never going to blow you away, but the range on this gun is extremely impressive, you are looking at a range of around 20 metres (60-65 feet).

I’ve seen more expensive rifles with a less impressive range than that. This gun shoots around 5-10 BB’s a second, it is no Kalashnikov AK-47. It’s a good beginners gun though, or a nice gift to Uzi fanatics.


UZI CO2 BB Submachine Gun

You tend to get what you pay for when it comes to Airsoft guns, and that is proven true with this awesome CO2 powered Uzi which is yours for around $125 plus $15 shipping. Offline, this gun will cost you in the region of $175.

For that you get a super powerful gun which will hurt any unfortunate victim and will shred a coke can to bits in seconds, this beast fires at an impressive 344 fps.

If buying from Amazon you also get a free pack of 2400 .177 Cal Firepower Gold BB’s, the ammunition which is considered optimum for this weapons performance. Using 12 gram CO2 cartridges, this gun features realistic blowback and uses a 25 round magazine. It would be wise to purchase a couple of spare magazines and a speedloader for use with this weapon in any battle environment.

The Desert Eagle is fast becoming one of the most famous guns on the planet, thanks in no small part to the 500+ movies that they have been featured in! The Desert Eagle is an American-Israeli weapon with the technology shared by Israel Military Industries and the U.S. company Magnum Research. The Desert Eagle is one of the most powerful semi-automatic handguns in the world, due mainly to the gas-powered mechanism that it uses (normally found in rifles).

There are dozens of Airsoft Desert Eagle replicas on the market but they vary greatly in quality, on this page we take a quick look at the Desert Eagle guns which we believe to be the best on the market – with links to buy at rock bottom prices on Amazon!


Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Softair Pistol

Perhaps the best low cost option for those on a tight budget is this officially licensed 6mm caliber pistol which fires at a velocity of around 175 fps. This is a spring operated pistol, it is rare to find a powerful spring-powered Airsoft handgun so you are getting what you pay for here! This plastic Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Softair pistol has a retail price of $29.99 but can be yours for under $20 with free shipping if purchased from Amazon!

This gun comes with a 25 round magazine and weighs in at one pound, it is built to a perfect 1:1 scale so whilst it certainly isn’t a true replica in terms of weight or materials, it is at least the correct size! Customer reviews have been mainly very positive, but you need to understand that you can’t expect any more than a bit of beginners fun or target practice with a gun this cheap – it’s not going to win you any competitions! It is available in either black (pictured left) or silver (pictured right).


Desert Eagle .50 AE Airsoft Gas Pistol airsoft gun

If you want your Desert Eagle to pack a bit more power then you should consider upping your budget significantly and investing in this gas-powered version of the .50 Desert Eagle. This one fires at 350 fps which is about as powerful as you will get with a gas-powered Airsoft pistol.

This awesome gun features a blow back design recoil for added effect, as well as a fully adjustable hop-up for more accurate shots. To achieve the full potential of this gun you should use .20 BB’s. This gun normally retails at $179.99 but can be yours at a significantly discounted price if purchased from Amazon where it is typically available for under $120 with free shipping.

That may seem like a lot of money to pay for a gun which is probably 90% plastic, but we have read countless review about this gun and none have complained about the durability or quality so that shouldn’t be a concern here!

There is no gun which is more iconic in American than the Tommy Gun, or the Thompson submachine gun as they are correctly referred as, they became famous in the prohibition era and were a common sight in the media at the time. Gangsters used them, the Police used them, the military used them, and they were particularly favored for their ergonomics – no submachine gun of the era was more comfortable to hold and fire!

The great new is that you can relive or experience those days by buying some fantastic quality replicas of Tommy guns in airsoft form! On this page we take a look at a few of the best Tommy gun Airsoft guns, with links to buy at the best online prices!


Soft Air Thompson 1928 AEG Airsoft Gun

Our favourite is this one, a replica Thompson 1928 AEG Airsoft Gun, which is fully electric and has a precise 1:1 scale – this airsoft gun is an exact replica being exactly the same size and almost exactly the same weight. It is powerful too for an Airsoft gun with a velocity of 426fps.

AEG make some excellent high end Airsoft guns and have developed a great reputation for reliability, this one comes complete with a battery and charger. Customer reviews have been excellent with an almost perfect average customer rating of 4.5/5 across almost 20 customer reviews.

This gun is definitely one for bigger kids or adults, younger children will struggle to carry it for long due to the weight and length. Any buyer will be seriously impressed by the accuracy of this gun over medium to long range, it can fire both .12 and .20 bb’s although it will only fire larger BB’s at approximately 350fps. It is however more accurate using the  .20 ammunition so you need to weigh up  the pro’s and con’s before filling with ammo!

The magazine in this gun will hold approximately 450 BB’s at once. Such an awesome gun which at around $180 with free shipping is good value for money (normal retail price of $239.99), it would make a perfect gift for any collector of Thompson replicas and is suitable for both beginners and experienced shooters.


Thompson M1A1 Full-Metal Body AEG airsoft gun

AEG also make an awesome replica of the Thompson M1A1, a much later version of the Tommy gun which was standardized in 1942 during WWII as it could be made much cheaper than the M1 which had proceeded it. In 1939 each M1 was costing the U.S. government $209 each, the M1A1 cost as little as $45 each once in mass-production! Now you can own an Airsoft replica of that iconic war-winning gun for a very reasonable $140 if purchased from Amazon with free shipping (normal retail price $219.99).

This full-metal 6mm caliber semi-automatic and full-automatic gun fires at a velocity of approximately 340 fps, and is intended only for use with .20 BB’s only; that isn’t a bad velocity, particularly as this gun has been praised for it’s accuracy over long distance! This Thompson M1A1 is shipped with a 30 day manufacturers warranty, so if it doesn’t work as it should when you take it to the field simply send it back for a refund or replacement!

Customer reviews for this gun have, like reviews for most AEG guns, been outstanding – with an average customer rating of almost 5 stars out of 5 across over sixty separate customer reviews! We really suggest that you head over to Amazon to read the fantastic customer reviews, you will find dozens of comments like: “It shoots about 380fps with perfect hop up. The best part is its accuracy. it’s ridiculously accurate”. This is a gun which could easily command a sale price of in excess of $200, and it usually does!


Palco Thompson Military M1A1 Airsoft Rifle with Drum Mag

If you are on a tight budget and are looking to spend less money then the lower that you can really go down the price scale before getting to the tack is to buy this Palco version of the M1A1, this entry-level option is made from durable plastic instead of metal and comes in plain black. This fully-automatic gun doesn’t look the part, but it is still a decent airsoft and features an easy-load drum mag style magazine.

It fires at up to 328 fps, a little less than the two premium options featured above, and includes a battery, charger, and a tactical sling. A great benefit of this gun is the 1000 rounds that it holds, no need to reload every 60 seconds! The normal retail price is $129.99 but this gun can be yours for around $85 plus free shipping if purchased from Amazon, that’s a fair price for a good gun but if you can find the extra money to buy one of the beautiful guns above then we recommend that you do so!

This is the cheapest way to get your hands on an Airsoft replica Thompson gun but probably not the best gun that you could get yourself with an $85 budget if you don’t care what gun you buy!