Trying to identify the best guns within a certain price range is difficult, $150 is what you should expect to pay for a great Airsoft sniper, but that’s a lot of money to pay for an Airsoft pistol! You can find a great pistol on the page dedicated to the best Airsoft guns under $50, but you won’t find a sniper worth buying for that price!

As a result, only one of the four guns featured on this page is a pistol, the rest are rifles or automatic guns. Be sure to browse the other price brackets to find some awesome pistols though, if that’s what you are shopping for!


Desert Eagle .50 AE Airsoft Gas Pistol

On that note, we start with the pistol! This awesome gas powered Desert Eagle replica fires at an astonishing 350 feet per second, which may not be a huge velocity for a rifle but that is massive for a pistol! Just like the real Desert Eagle, this thing is powerful! It also uses gas to provide a realistic blow back design recoil.

A fully adjustable hop up enables more accurate shooting. This gun is best used with 0.20g BB’s, using lighter ammunition will increase the velocity but you will struggle to achieve any degree of accuracy over range. Despite being made primarily of plastic this weapon is still heavy and very durable.

Customer reviews have been excellent, this gun is without a doubt the best Desert Eagle Airsoft replica on the market; you do pay good money for the privilege of owning it, this firearm will set you back somewhere in the region of $120 with free shipping if purchased from Amazon, and anything up to $179.99 if purchased offline.


UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle

Now we show you what most people will be shopping for with a $150 budget, this awesome UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops sniper is featured in my selection of the best Airsoft sniper rifles, although I am cheating a little here because it comes in at around $155 with free shipping at time of writing; it would be such a shame to have to feature an inferior product for the sake of $5, so a little license has been given with this one!

This gun is a 1:1 exact replica of the MK96 Shadow Ops sniper rifle and is made almost entirely of metal, the quality of the construction alone should justify the asking price! The stock is made from two pieces of strong ABS bolted to a metal frame, at around 8.5 Ibs and around four foot long this gun is not for the physically weak! It also fires at between 450-500 feet per second too, so this gun means serious business!

When used with 0.28g BBs (recommended) it will maintain accuracy over around 200 feet, it would fire 0.12g BBs at around 600 feet per second, but you would lose all accuracy and it would just ping off wherever it fancied going! Customer reviews have been excellent, with most customers awarding this weapon a full five star rating, whilst there are three designs to choose from (two of which are shown on this page).


G&G Combat Machine R16 Carbine AEG

Now for something which looks like it should be in a sci-fi movie, this gun is actually a replica of the standard military issue M4 rifle, and features semi-automatic and automatic firing, a huge 450 round magazine, a velocity of 340 fps when using 0.20g BBs (recommended). A free packet of 1000 0.20g BBs is actually included to get you started, so great as a gift to those who are new to Airsoft and therefore unlikely to have any ammunition sitting around!

The gun is made mostly from heavy high grade plastic, with the exception of some components – the gearbox and barrel for example are full metal.  It is important that you note that the battery and charger need to be purchased separately, not necessarily a bad thing as the battery which comes as standard with many electric guns is often poor quality and needs an instant upgrade anyway! A great rate of fire, an awesome velocity, you can’t really go wrong with the price – available from Amazon for around $140 including all shipping charges (normal retail $176.58).


GB AK47 JG AK Tactical Airsoft AEG Rifle

I’ll finish off with an electric Kalashnikov AK-47! This beast will get through some 600 rounds per minute, just like the real gun, that’s an amazing rate of fire for a real firearm yet alone an Airsoft! Most of the gun is constructed of tough plastic, but the most important components – such as the gear box – are metal. This gun will rip through a coke can in a matter of seconds, and any unfortunate victim will feel pain when this is unleashed on him!

The gun comes with a 600 round magazine, now if you are going to be firing 600 round a minute then your life is going to be made a lot easier if you buy some spare magazines and a speedloader! This gun is very heavy, so it is not one for your average dainty woman, spotty teenager, or small man, this is a mans gun! Unless you want to wear a tactical sling all day of course, in which case all can use comfortably!

Customer reviews have been excellent, I can’t find any reliable velocity stats for this gun, but relying on customer reviews suggest that a lack of power is never going to be a problem. This gun is yours for around $110.